Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer? Andrew Tate Denies Rumors Of Lung Cancer, Says Lungs Are Healthy Despite Scar

Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer? Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and far-right social media influencer, was arrested in Romania on December 29, 2022. Since then, there has been some confusion about his health. Authorities are holding Tate and his brother Tristan on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking.

There have been rumors that Tate has lung cancer. This summarizes what is known about Tate’s health since his arrest in Romania.

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Why Do People Think Andrew Tate Has Lung Cancer?

On March 2, a Romanian website called Spy News published an exclusive article. The article said they got medical records from a hospital in Romania that belonged to Andrew Tate. 

The records from Regina Maria Hospital claimed Tate had an abnormal growth in the upper right side of his lung. Doctors thought this could potentially be a slow-growing cancer tumor.

The records said the growth was found in December 2022, when Tate and his brother were arrested.

The article also supposedly included a letter from Tate’s doctor at a hospital in the United Arab Emirates. The doctor said Tate should return to the UAE to immediately get medical tests for the growth. The doctor said any delays in testing could seriously harm Tate’s health.

The Romanian authorities said if Tate needs medical care, he will get it in Romania. They said he won’t be brought back to the UAE for treatment.

What Did His Manager Say?

Does Andrew Tate Have Cancer

Tate’s manager, known as The Sartorial Shooter, recently posted on Instagram confirming that the rumors about Tate having lung cancer are true. He shared that he was the one who drove Tate to and from hospitals in Dubai for treatment.

He didn’t provide any other specifics, though. After Tate and his brother were arrested in Romania, the news outlet Antena 3 reported that one of the brothers had been taken to the hospital during a routine medical visit in the first days after their arrest. 

The article didn’t say whether it was Tate or his brother Tristan. It said that one of them notified the detention center that they had medical issues and was then taken to a specialist at a hospital in the capital for a consultation.

What Has He Said On Twitter?

On March 4, Tate went on Twitter to say the rumors about him having lung cancer were not true. He posted a picture of himself shirtless and said his lungs are completely healthy and have no damage from the smoking.

Tate wrote: “I do not have cancer. My lungs are completely healthy, with no damage at all from smoking. I have very strong lungs, like an Olympic athlete. The only mark on my lung is a scar from an old injury. True warriors have scars inside and out.”

He wanted to make it clear he does not have lung cancer. His lungs are very healthy, even though he may have an old scar. He says real warriors have both physical and emotional scars.

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