Is Andrew Tate A Genius?

Is Andrew Tate A Genius?

People have different opinions on whether Andrew Tate is a genius. On one hand, he is undoubtedly a successful businessman and marketer. He has also built a large following on social media. However, his methods and views are often controversial.

Some admire Tate for his ability to make money and live lavishly. They see him as a role model for young men seeking success. Others criticize Tate’s misogynistic and exploitative views. They believe he is a con artist preying on vulnerable people.

Regardless of whether you love or hate him, Tate is certainly a complex and polarizing figure. He excels at self-promotion and attracting attention. While his genius is debatable, his success as an entrepreneur and marketer is undeniable.

There seem to be three main arguments made for why Andrew Tate must have a genius-level IQ:

  • He was good at chess as a child.
  • He has a good vocabulary.
  • His father was smart.

However, I believe these are weak arguments for the following reasons:

Tate’s chess rating on is around 1700-1800. In the competitive chess scene, this rating would put him around the 50th percentile. For the average chess player, Tate’s rating would put him in the 85th-90th percentile range. However, considering Tate has played chess his whole life and was coached from a young age by his father, this rating is unremarkable at best. Even if Tate had achieved this rating as a child, it would not have been considered particularly impressive. For example, my chess rating on is 2200-2300. I know my IQ is only slightly above average and far from my genius level, and I didn’t even play chess as a child.

Tate has taken the time to study a few unique words. However, his overall lexicon seems to be quite limited. He knows how to use about a dozen unique words well. If you watch a few of his videos, you’ll repeatedly hear words like “perspicacity” and “indefatigability.” He uses at least one of these words in every video. More telling is that he doesn’t pronounce “indefatigability” correctly. This suggests he likely learned the definition but never interacted with people who would correct his pronunciation. Anyone can take a few minutes a day to learn a new word – it has nothing to do with IQ. The point about his quick witticisms is probably more related to IQ.

We are all smart enough here to understand that having intelligent parents does not guarantee you will also be intelligent. More importantly, being a skilled chess player, even at the International Master level, does not necessarily mean you have a high IQ. Achieving the IM title depends heavily on how the individual got to that level. Some IMs have an innate talent, while others study chess 8-12 hours a day for decades. One could argue the latter is simply a dedicated person who could have succeeded in various subjects but happened to choose chess. So, there isn’t strong evidence to conclude Tate’s father truly had a high IQ in the first place.

Conclusion – Is Andrew Tate A Genius

I estimate Tate’s IQ likely falls in the range of 110-120. He is clearly intelligent enough to have a strong charismatic influence. Maintaining that level of charisma and influence requires thinking strategically about how different groups perceive you. It also requires optimizing your actions to benefit from those perceptions. Doing this consistently demands an IQ high enough for complex game theory thinking. Simply having the high-level charisma Tate displays demonstrates an IQ reaching the above-average range.

FAQs – Is Andrew Tate A Genius

How high is Andrew Tate’s IQ?

Andrew Tate is a controversial internet personality who has made claims about having a high IQ of 148. This would be considered very superior intelligence if accurate, though the validity is unconfirmed.

Is Tate good at math?

Tate has said he was good at math in school. Claims about his academic abilities and intelligence have not been independently verified.

Is 148 a good IQ?

An IQ of 148 or higher puts someone in the top 0.1% intellectually. However, IQ is an imperfect measure of intelligence. Many factors contribute to success beyond IQ.

What is so great about Andrew Tate?

Tate has attracted attention for his brash persona and provocative opinions, garnering both followers and critics. His actual accomplishments and contributions remain debated.

Is Andrew Tate a billionaire?

It’s unclear if Tate is actually a billionaire. He claims great wealth, but there is no evidence he has billions in assets. Net worth estimates vary widely.

Is Tate most Googled?

Tate has been one of the most googled names in 2022, indicating significant public interest and controversy.

What religion is Tate?

Tate has identified as an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

What has Andrew Tate taught us?

Supporters believe Tate pushes people to improve themselves. Critics argue his views are misogynistic and harmful. His overall impact is polarizing.

Is Andrew Tate a trillionaire?

There is no evidence Tate is a trillionaire. That level of wealth is extremely rare. By most accounts, his financial status is well below this.

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